Chevrolet Velourtex Floor Mats

An outstanding value and popular-priced replacement mat, with a heavier more dense face than factory mats. Velourtex mats have a silky smooth texture, made of premium Nylon yarn and they feature the same multi-layer backing as the higher priced mat products from Lloyd. High quality nylon yarn creates a soft velvety texture.

Chevrolet Velourtex Mat Features

Value priced mats featuring a smooth appearance similar to original vehicle mat quality. Premium nylon tufted yarn tufted to 20 oz / yard. This high quality nylon yarn creates a soft velvety texture.

Multi-layer backing: Water resistant latex coating to keep moisture from the original carpet. Tractionbac high density synthetic rubber provides a final layer of non-skip protection.

Featuring mat fastening systems. When Chevrolet provides mat retention hardware in the Chevy vehicle, mats are designed to attach to that hardware. In all other vehicles, we provide easy to install proprietary mat fasteners.

Embroidered Chevrolet designs sewn through the carpet face and backing for strength and durability. All logos are treated for soil and stains. Appliques permanently bonded into carpet surface with RF technology.

THREE YEAR WARRANTY. Limited warranty against defects in design, workmanship, and materials.