Chevrolet LUXE Floor Mats

Hand crafted elegance & luxury: LUXE is the most luxurious line of custom Chevrolet mats available. This premium grade carpet is the thickest, heaviest, deepest pile Lloyds can manufacture, featuring a half inch thickness of super soft premium nylon yarn. LUXE mats are hand-beveled around emblems and the perimeter, created beautifully finished edges.

Chevrolet LUXE Mat Features

LUXE carpet features 3 pounds of 2-ply continuous filament nylon yarn in each square yard, triple the weight of most original mats. That is a half inch thickness of super soft premium nylon yarn!

2 step Scotchgard process includes one for stain resistance and one for soil resistance. This process protects your mats and keeps them looking new.

5 layers of backing total! A heavy latex layer creates stiffness for mat shape. A water resistant layer helps block moisture. A special urethane cushioning layer insulates against heat and road noise. Tractionbac high density synthetic rubber provides a final layer of non-skip protection.

Featuring mat fastening systems. When Chevrolet provides mat retention hardware in the Chevy vehicle, mats are designed to attach to that hardware. In all other vehicles, we provide easy to install proprietary mat fasteners.

Greater floor coverage and protection than OEM mats.

Appliques permanently bonded into carpet surface with RF technology.

LIFETIME WARRANTY. Limited warranty against defects in design, workmanship, and materials.