Corvette Heritage Neon Sign

Corvette Heritage Neon Sign
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The GM Heritage Center is proud to announce its Designer Collection of Limited Edition Neon Signs based on the success of its Vintage Collection Neon Sign program. The Designer Collection expands the offering of prestige collectible neon signs for automobile enthusiasts. Each sign in the new Collection will be a unique design developed by someone closely related to the history of the sign.

The first limited edition sign is the Corvette Heritage Neon Sign developed in collaboration with retired GM Vice President Design, Chuck Jordan. This unique design reflects his personal feelings about the 1st generation Corvette - clean, simple, & straight forward, with a unique look and feel. The sign was developed after extensive research at the GM Heritage Center and GM Media Archive to ensure authenticity.

This Corvette Heritage neon sign has been scaled to comfortably fit into a contemporary interior space. The Corvette badge is lighted with white neon behind a chrome bezel and features a bull-nose end panel. Each sign individually manufactured and assembled with the construction techniques, fastener placement and color schemes that were used by the Walker Sign Company in the production of GM Dealership Neon Signs in the 1950's.

All panels are constructed with "3003 mill finish" aluminum for strength and durability. Two part catalyst paint has been utilized throughout to produce a porcelain-like finish. This classic neon sign measures 72" x 22" x 6.5" and it is recommend to be mounted on an interior wall. The weight is approximately 50 lbs.

All neon tubing is U.S. commercial grade material. The transformer that powers the signs is equipped with a secondary ground-fault cutoff as required by the National Electric Code. To maximize safety, all neon-wiring connections are made inside the sign. Access to the sign's interior is through a single removable plate located on the back panel. Proper warning labels are prominently display on the panel. The sign meets all UL requirements.

Each custom built sign comes with a personal, serial numbered engraved brass tag attached to the sign.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for your sign to be custom produced.   Limited Edition of 25 units.

Warranty Information

The GM Heritage Collection Dealer Signs come with a one year warranty on materials and workmanship (With the exception of neon tubing ) from the delivery date of the sign. There is also a Help Desk available to assist customers with any concerns or problems with their signs including non-warranty repair, neon tubing templates and suggestions for qualified neon repair technicians their area.

Shipping Information

Each sign will be packed in a custom built shipping container. The container has been designed and constructed to the same standards used in the shipment of highly sensitive scientific and computer equipment. The sign is securely suspended inside the container and the neon tubing is protected with additional packing. The container is equipped with monitoring sensors to record any events that occur during its transit to our customers.

Your GM Heritage Center Dealer Sign will be shipped F.O.B from Industrial Neon Sign Company in Houston, TX. We will contact you when the sign is ready to make the necessary arrangements to insure that your sign arrives safely.

There is a $650.00 shipping surcharge on this item to cover the extraordinary cost of crating and delivery of this large and bulky item. This charge is exempt from any special shipping promotions offered.   Exempt from all discounts.

Available to shipping locations in the Continental USA only.

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